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Who We Are

Diversity Experts

Diversity Training Group features top experts on diversity, awareness and inclusion. Areas of expertise range from conscious/unconscious bias to sexual harassment prevention, from intercultural diversity to building trust and engagement, and more.

Team of Specialists

You’ll receive the best service from our team of specialists, working in concert to serve you. Our team members include project managers, instructional designers, trainers and facilitators, e-learning specialists and more.

Full-Service Providers

We off the full spectrum of training you need. Our services range from training to coaching and mentoring, from audit & assessment to strategy and organizational redesign, and others.

How we Can Help You

Power, Effective Storytelling

Imagine you host a training session, and afterwards your employees say the training was the highlight of their workweek.” They eagerly ask for copies of course materials, and suggest you “immediately roll out the training company-wide.”

These are real results from Diversity Training Group sessions, and that’s the DTG difference.

How do we do it? Through dynamic, interactive story telling. Diversity is not only important- it’s fun and interesting- and our trainings make it so!


Anthony Mesias Norfolk Development Housing Authority

Change Agent! Great tools and insights, I have heard nothing but great reviews! Your collaboration with our team was fluid and instrumental in achieving our successful goal in training our employees in team building and communication.

Yilla J. Smith Norfolk Development Housing Authority

EXCELLENT Training!!! You really have a command of the subject matter and know how to educate and motivate an audience. Several members of the team have expressed their enjoyment of the training and are excited about the continued opportunities to learn and grow together.

Valerie Brumbaugh PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources

“Thank you for the extremely exceptional training with an equally exceptional presenter – he was outstanding! In a very non-threatening way, he offered information which was applicable to many aspects of our lives.”

Josiah Martin Dominion Energy

“The best part of my day was going to your session this morning. Just wanted to let you know that it was great content and you were very engaging!”

Diversity Executive, Major Financial Company

“Your Unconscious Bias training is opening minds and giving people pause. You have made this real for people and have them asking questions and engaging in discussions that had previously been off the table.”

Maria Dahl-Smith National Diversity Director, Boy Scouts of America

You are a rock star! Your hard work, expertise, and talent: I know this wasn’t just another gig for you…it was personal. Thank you is not enough.”

Employee, Major Mortgage Company

“Please make this enterprise-wide. Such a dynamic training he has a gift. No napping in his class – I was engaged every single second.”

Paul Scott Dominion Energy

“Thank you for your inspiring presentation on diversity in the workplace. It changed my views on my place fighting for a more inclusive society.”

Employee Major Mortgage Company

“This course changed how I will treat other people and recognize bias and check it at the door. I noticed an immediate change, even today in how I’m thinking. This is not just limited to the workplace.”

Scouts of America

“Your workshop was the highest rated of our weeklong leadership training, feedback was overwhelmingly positive. We are expanding your work with us for next year”

Cost Effective

Focused on Your ROI

We love our work, and thus are able to offer rates among the most competitive in the industry. We also minimize travel costs, by choosing cost-effective travel, and traveling on personal time.

We aim to build employee engagement, respect and trust, which can decrease costly turnover- and expensive lawsuits. As well as improve your brand and customers loyatly.

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