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Imagine you host a training session, and afterwards your employees tell you the training was “the highlight of their workweek.” They eagerly ask for copies of the course materials, and suggest you “immediately roll out the training company-wide.” These are real results from Diversity Training Group sessions, and that’s the DTG difference.

The Power of Storytelling

How do we do it? Through dynamic, interactive story telling. Diversity is not only important – it’s fun and interesting – and our trainings make it so.

Proven Results

That’s why we’re one of the leading diversity training companies in the nation. Since 1996, time and again, leading business, government and non-profits rely on DTG to boost awareness and inclusion.

Cost Effective

D&I is a hot topic, nationwide. As a result, some vendors have skyrocketed their prices. But at DTG, we love what we do, our interest is in serving you. So our rates remain competitive, and our training is not only effective, but cost-effective.


Diversity Training

We’re nationally recognized specialists, experts on these topics:

  •  Diversity and Inclusion
  • Conscious/Unconscious Bias
  • Sexual Harassment Prevention
  • Cultural Diversity and more

There’s no substitute for live training and coaching: it’s the most cost-effective way to meet your organization’s unique challenges and goals.


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