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Diversity & Gender Equity Experts

  • Diversity in the Workplace
  • Diversity and Customer Service
  • Diversity Spot Audit and Assessment
  • Respect in the Workplace
  • Toxic Employee engagement/Trust
  • Multicultural / Diversity Marketing
  • Sexual Harassment Prevention
  • Executive Coaching / Mentoring
  • Cross Cultural Communication
  • Conflict Resolution / Mediation
  • Ombudsman Services (in Spanish and English)

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UVA Medical School

National Institute of Health

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Velasquez Breaks Barriers --

Guest speaker Mauricio Velasquez entered the auditorium with a mission – to impart his knowledge on leadership, prejudice, diversity and the relationship between these seemingly unrelated topics in an easy going hour-long presentation hosted by the Spanish Honour Society (SHS) during eighth period on Nov 9.  Read more at TJ Today

Mauricio Talks about Bias Squared