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"Your workshop was the highest rated of our weeklong leadership training, feedback was overwhelmingly positive. We are expanding your work with us for next year"

"This course changed how I will treat other people and recognize bias and check it at the door. I noticed an immediate change, even today in how I'm thinking. This is not just limited to the workplace."

"Thank you for your inspiring presentation on diversity in the workplace. It changed my views on my place fighting for a more inclusive society."

"Please make this enterprise-wide. Such a dynamic training he has a gift. No napping in his class - I was engaged every single second."

"You are a rock star! Your hard work, expertise, and talent: I know this wasn't just another gig for was personal. Thank you is not enough."

"Your Unconscious Bias training is opening minds and giving people pause. You have made this real for people and have them asking questions and engaging in discussions that had previously been off the table."

"The best part of my day was going to your session this morning. Just wanted to let you know that it was great content and you were very engaging!"

"Thank you for the extremely exceptional training with an equally exceptional presenter - he was outstanding! In a very non-threatening way, he offered information which was applicable to many aspects of our lives."

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