Dear Mauricio,


"You Sir are a Master at his craft. I appreciate the time you spent with us, but more importantly the lessons that you gave us. I apologize for having to leave early that day but do appreciate the kind words that you shared with me and the wonderful video "The Lunch Date" by Adam Davidson. I pray that you and your family have a long and prosperous life together and that our paths may someday cross again."


"On a personal note I have attended over 25 Diversity and Inclusion trainings between PTA and my professional job as Director of Religious Education for the Conejo Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship. Your workshop was by far the best I have attended. Thank you for doing this important work."


"Thank you very much for coming in today! Your training was fantastic! It was engaging, entertaining, and filled with perspective. You are very direct and not afraid to tread into sensitive territories with confidence. I'm sure that I speak for everyone in saying that we look forward to seeing you again, as we build onto our values. Thank you very much!"


"Your diversity presentation today was over the top with creative and well developed content beyond what is currently considered as leading edge. Your stories and passion push your presentation to new levels of understandings. Your work is outstanding. I hope we can stay connected. True Genius."


"What a wonderful time together once again. The participants in the 1st Annual Colorado PTA Emerging Minority Leadership Conference found your time with them very, very worthwhile. The evaluations were largely "excellent." I am sure that you could tell from the responses, questions that you really connected. They appreciated the materials you provided and expressed that they will find them useful in their work back home. Another comment that I heard was that they could really relate to you as you have lived it and your information was not just theoretical--very practical. The time with you went so fast, but what a wonderful tone you set for the rest of our day."


"Just wanted to thank you again for such a great and powerful presentation.  I know that all of my colleagues were impressed.  On a personal note, knowing that folks like you are out there helping to combat the racism that seems to be growing in this county, really gives me some hope.  Sometimes the negativity reaches absurd levels.  What is odd, when I think of diversity, the first word that comes to my mind is strength.  To me, all the languages and cultures that we have make us so much stronger and better."


"Absolutely brilliant presentation. After three days I did not expect to enjoy sitting in class on day four, but I was happy to be wrong. Mauricio did an amazing job, content, examples, everything was perfect....everyone at NIST should sit through this presentation."


"Terrific. The highlight of the week for me. I learned a lot and much is applicable."


"Mauricio is outstanding! He gives great examples of real life situations and he keeps your attention. He is awesome!"


"Great overview. Appreciate his style and enthusiasm"


"I am working harder than ever and actually using many of the techniques you taught me. As a matter of fact, in my class I am taking, I am using those skills to do my course work."


"most useful module in the course--every naval officer and chief should go through this program"


"I value the lessons learned. You are very good at what you do. It has been a true asset to me."


"I just wanted to follow up with you and let you know how much I appreciated your training. You have helped me and given me a new vision on how I see things, and how others see me. I intend to use my new skill set to enhance my personal and professional life. I talked to our HR director and recommended you to our entire corporate staff."


"Very interesting, informative and thought-provoking.  Provided new insights and real-life examples of major diversity issues of yesterday and today.  Enjoyed the interchange of thoughts and ideas.  Excellent class."


"This training was the best I had ever had.  I was pleasantly surprised.. An excellent module that should be taught to all."


"Some of the best training I have had in my naval career.  A vital subject taught with pasion and competence.  A rare, but pleasant combination."


"Very thought provoking class - excellent motivational speaker"


"Excellent, excellent presentation.  This guy is talented.  He took what could have been an extremely dry subject and held our attention for hours."


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