Our Wonderful Staff!


Ana Ramirez Sainz

Vice President, Senior Consultant


Willard Eng

Vice President, West Coast


Kelly Burrello, MSc.

Senior Consultant/Trainer


Dr. Leslie Keelty

Senior Consultant/Trainer


Dr. Brian Gittens

Senior Consultant


Dr. Yen Ling Shek

Senior Consultant


Carl Baldwin

Director of Government Services


Aaron Cobb

Director of Information Technology

Carl Baldwin


Director of Goverment Services

Carl utilizes a unique combination of different, yet complimentary, bodies of knowledge: EEO/EO, diversity/inclusion, and performance management. His expertise in these areas enables him to guide leaders to discern facts from lore, and incorporate EEO/EO and inclusion principles into performance measures that lead to improved execution.


Ana Ramirez-Saenz


Vice President, Senior Consultant

Ana serves as Vice President of Assessment and Executive Consultant who brings a global perspective focused on business results, is strategic in thinking, and is committed to maximizing human potential across organizations. She is considered a thought leader in the field of organizational development, in particular diversity, inclusion and cultural intelligence.

Mauricio Velásquez


President of The Diversity Training Group

Mauricio serves as a diversity trainer, sexual harassment prevention trainer, executive coach, mentoring trainer, expert witness, and assists organizations with multicultural marketing, selling, and customer service.


For more info: Mauricio Velásquez


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