Diversity Worst Practices


I have been in the diversity-training field for nearly 20 years and everybody talks about “Diversity Best Practices” today.  Well, I think it is time, overdue really, for more conversation and deliberation about Diversity Worst Practices.  perspectives.  That is really what the diversity field is all about –right?  What value do our differences add or bring to the organization.[Read more...]

Best Practices


I have been in the diversity-training field for nearly 20 years and everybody talks about best practices but I feel too many of my colleagues really make it more complicated than it really needs to be and here at DTG we have always tried to make diversity issues and the related training more easy to comprehend and embrace.  The prerequisite reading for this article is an article I recently wrote entitled – “Diversity Worst Practices.”  Another article that would be helpful to read is our article on our website diversitydtg.com about ineffective or bad diversity training – what I like to call “Blame and Shame” diversity training and please find the related article on what exactly is the definition of a diversity issue. [Read More...]

The Truth About Associate Retention


I am often asked by our clients to "help us stop the bleeding." Law firms invest so much in sourcing, recruiting and developing their talented associates and to see them leave prematurely can be disastrous. One of my clients had lost nearly a dozen partners and associates (almost all were women and minorities, top performers) in a particular practice area in several weeks. [Read more...]

Diversity and Inclusion


Is what we are doing (those in the D&I field) really making a difference?  Well, unfortunately the answer depends.  Let me “slice and dice” this question.  I am tired of the literature opposed to our work and our field.  As a diversity trainer, strategy consultant, harassment prevention trainer, investigator, expert witness, and D&I warrior (I train 18 days per month), who has been training all types of audiences - but my favorites are hostile and militant audiences for 20 years -  I think I have some unique observations.  First, I have two kinds of clients when you look at them through one particular lens – proactive and reactive. [Read more...]

Diversity Consulting and Training Results


I have been in the emerging and ever evolving diversity consulting and training field for nearly twenty years now. I have trained in every state but North Dakota and my life and work have taken me to nearly 75 countries. I have led workshops for more than a half a million participants and I have worked for hundreds of organizations. I just got back from training in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. I have been thinking about writing this article for a long time.  With current events as they are, I felt now was the right time. Times are challenging and the skeptics and cynics often come out of the woodwork in times like these. This article is for the diversity skeptics and cynics. [Read More...]

8 Major Myths of Diversity


Having worked in the field nearly 20 years and as President, CEO, of DTG for nearly fifteen years, I have confronted these myths over and over and I am constantly debunking them.  I often distribute this document prior to a diversity-related conversation, forum or training to undo the bias about an upcoming workshop on bias (what I call bias squared). [Read More...]

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