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Diversity Videos

Building the Multicultural Team – Diversity in the Workplace Video
Best Seller! As our world becomes increasingly global, your employees increasingly work with people from other cultures. To survive in today’s global business environment, you must engage in cross-cultural training to make your employees effective in cross-cultural communication and cross-cultural business.

Building the Virtual Team: Communication Across Cultural Diversity Video
Best Seller! As businesses increasingly outsource operations across the globe, it’s essential that you train your people how to work across technology with other cultures. To survive in business today, you need to master the often overlooked but potentially damaging impact of ancient culture on 21st century communications.

Cross-Cultural Communication Video
Best seller! As our world becomes more and more interconnected, people increasingly encounter problems with intercultural communication. These can lead to employee frustration and decreased efficiency and, potentially, to losing billion dollar deals. To succeed today, you must train your employees on effective cross-cultural communication.

Cultural Awareness Respecting Diversity and Beliefs Video
Best Seller! As our world becomes increasingly global, people are increasingly likely to work with people from other cultures. It’s up to you to provide the proper training essential for intercultural effectiveness.

Cross Cultural Understanding Video
Best seller! As our world becomes increasingly interconnected, people need to develop greater cultural diversity skills. It’s up to you to provide effective training to communicate effectively with and understand other cultures. Cross-Cultural Understanding investigates all the key components of culture and communication, including values and beliefs, social structure, perceptions of time, communication styles, proper etiquette and more.

Intercultural Communication Video
Best Seller! To be successful in today’s increasingly diverse workplace, you need to train your employees how to communicate across cultural diversity. Intercultural Communication: Interacting Effectively Across Cultures is a complete training program to help your people avoid misunderstandings and communicate more effectively with other cultures.

International Negotiation Video
Best Seller! To prosper in today’s increasingly global business environment, you need to understand social influences on cross cultural negotiation. It’s up to you to provide the training necessary for success. International Negotiation: Successful Deal-Making in Global Business unveils all the secrets of doing deals effectively with other cultures.

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