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Diversity Calendar™
Effective Awareness & Inclusion: 365

Discrimination and harassment can lead to lost business, costly lawsuits, employee defections and more. Companies are investing millions of dollars in diversity training, but are challenged to get real awareness and inclusion, every day.

The solution: the Diversity Calendar™. Of all business tools, the calendar is used most. Our solution seamlessly integrates awareness & inclusion in an everyday tool. Along with tips and tools for respect, it’s the best way to ensure awareness & inclusion, 365 days a year.

20+ Monthly Diversity Themes
Celebrate Diversity
Build awareness, 365 days per year. 20+ monthly themes, 100s of daily events. Culture, disability, global, LGBT, race, religion, women and more.

Holidays, Religious Observances, and More
Schedule Respectfully
Never forget important dates or events. Respect religious observances, holidays and events. Streamline scheduling and boost productivity.

Inclusion Tips, Etiquette, Greetings,
Foster Respect
Get key tips for inclusion. Find out appropriate greetings and expressions. Discover helpful videos, audio pronunciation and more.

Diversity Calendar™

Effective Awareness Inclusion: 365

Custom: Your Logo, Colors and Branding
Demonstrate Inclusion
Showcase your commitment to inclusion. Customize your Diversity Calendar™- your logo, branding and colors. Add themes, observances or messaging important to your organization.

Web-Based, Simple, Intuitive
Deploy Easily
Turnkey: no IT, no installation. Easy, intuitive interface. Mobile responsive: anytime, anywhere, any device.

Outlook, Google, Apple Integration (Optional)
Integrate Effectively
Integrate with Outlook, Google calendar and more. Click from Outlook to your Diversity Calendar™. Or use as stand-alone web tool.

Diversity Calendar™

Effective Awareness Inclusion: 365
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